Gender-based violence is

a widespread social issue.

Women are monumentally

crippled by systemic poverty.

Poverty is the primary cause

of gender-based violence.

of women cannot read or write
women are victims of human trafficking globally
> 20%
of the world's land is owned by women
young brides die annually as a result of childbirth complications after forced child marriage

The solution lies in the economic empowerment of women.

At Fashion For Empowerment, fashion is an agent of social change to help women turn challenges into opportunities and take control of their futures. We open the door to economic independence and lay the groundwork for longterm sustainability by creating jobs, supporting education, and providing skill training. From our timeless, handmade pieces to the life-changing opportunities we create, we're cultivating a movement that is made to last.

We envision a world in which women live free from extreme poverty, gender violence, and human trafficking. A world in which women are educated, empowered, and entrepreneurs; one that offers a beacon of hope and a voice to those who've been fighting social injustice. A world in which women are empowered to create again, trust again, and love again.


.... means creating opportunities to share knowledge with our artisans and customers, from age-old handcrafting techniques to mindful shopping practices to the pressing importance of revolutionizing the textile industry.





.... means bringing sustainable change to communities around the world by giving female artisans the skills and platform to become financially independent, self-sufficient individuals.



.... means protecting our artisans and customers from the widespread, detrimental effects of the fast-fashion textile industry. From our meticulously-monitored work environments for artisans to environmentally-responsible processes and materials, we're giving your family the gift of carefully and responsibly made heirlooms.



.... means creating an interwoven story that links our customers to our artisans and to every life in between, by telling their stories and highlighting every step of the production process.



.... means creating timeless, eco-friendly pieces through age-old weaving techniques. These textiles are made to last for generations with dedication and passion for the craftsmanship required.



.... means delivering pieces that bring you delight, meaning, intention, and an improved quality of life, while also fighting the dark side of the textile industry. From picking the raw material to the end product, we follow environmental stewardship practices.