Care Guide

One Piece, Six Ways -- Wash with cold water & dry with low heat, or simply hang to dry. Machine wash on delicate, always in a mesh-bag. No fabric softener, please! Tie the tassels if they come undone, as it is the nature of handmade pieces. No, it’s not going to unravel the piece. Use when worn, mend when torn. Baskets, Wall Hangings, and Storage Baskets -- Safe to use with food. Spot Clean. Cashmere, Mohair, Lambswool and Alpaca Throws -- Dry clean only. Robes -- Cold water machine wash. Low-heat machine or air dry. No fabric softener. Spot clean with oxygen-based cleaner. Do not bleach. Maguey Sponges -- Can be washed in a washing machine, and hung to dry. No machine wash.


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Returns & Exchanges

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