Handmade by a group of women artisans in Vietnam

The quality and artistry of our pieces lend an elegant, timeless feel to each one, instantly creating an heirloom piece that will be treasured by generations to come. From our timeless, handmade pieces to life-changing opportunities we create, we’re cultivating a movement that is made to last.

Lightweight Decorative Woven Bamboo Hand Fan, Wall Hanging

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  • 🗽 Handmade Decor Full of Soul & Purpose – Our timeless handmade decor create life-changing opportunities for women affected by violence and extreme poverty.

    💝 Handmade with Love by 376 Women Artisans – Hand-crafted by socially-empowering women-led cooperatives in developing nations, our naturally handwoven serving trays are made with the utmost attention to detail.

    💚 Interweaving 5000 Years of Cultural Heritage – Meaningful age-old techniques, deeply rooted in local weaving traditions turn chemical-free, naturally-dyed yarns into stylish and innovative hone decor.

    💰 Reasonably Priced – Say “YES!” to affordable premium quality home decor that carefully balances always-ethical sourcing, low environmental impact, and wholehearted positive effects on people's livelihoods.


    Keep yourself feeling cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days of the year, while using the lightweight and convenient Bamboo Paddle Fan. It consists of the finest natural materials that contain no harsh chemicals or strong odors. Instead, our durable leaf fan lets you enjoy the natural fresh breeze with ease. While using cultural weaving techniques, these pieces are inspired by nature's beauty and have the overall shape and appearance of the large leaves you'd typically find in the forest.

    The wicker hand fan is the perfect item to bring with you wherever you go on a hot day, allowing you to keep your body temperature regulated. It's lightweight and easy to travel with, making it the perfect item to use if you're a passenger in a hot vehicle, working in the office, at church, or even sitting on your front porch while the sun shines and the temperature rises. In addition, these highly functional handheld fans are perfect for sharing with loved ones. Not only can you use them while you're on the go to stay cool, but you can also use the decorative artisanal fans as favors for birthday parties, wedding receptions, and other social gatherings with loved ones.

From our timeless, handmade pieces to the life-changing opportunities we create,

we are cultivating a movement that is made to last.