Handcrafted in Tunisia


The quality and artistry of our pieces lend an elegant, timeless feel to each one, instantly creating an heirloom piece that will be treasured by generations to come.

Raha CHARCOAL GRAY - Use as a Shawl, Wrap, Airplane Travel Blanket, Neck Scar

  • Handcrafted in Tunisia

    The quality and artistry of our pieces lend an elegant, timeless feel to each one, instantly creating an heirloom piece that will be treasured by generations to come.


    VERSATILE; Our flagship item, called One Piece, Six Ways is more than simply a scarf for women; This sustainably produced and handcrafted weave can also be used as a travel blanket, a shawl and wrap for evening dresses, baby blanket, throw or even as an airplane blanket

    ETHICAL; At woven stories, we’re all about using design as a force for positive change, which is why we source our scarves for women from female led local cooperatives that empower developing economies; What’s more, our shawls and wraps are helping women to break the cycle of poverty by creating skills and opportunities that can transform communities for generations

    PRACTICAL; Made from blends of organic bamboo, cotton and mulberry silk, our soft blankets and throws measure a generous 72” x 36”; The breathable textiles mean our blanket scarf is cool in summer and warm in winter; Better still, this travel scarf doesn’t feature any tiny loops that easily trap dirt like terry towel and other fibers can

    RESPONSIBLE; This compact travel blanket and womens shawl uses azo-free dyes that are free of harmful substances; Even better is the fact that we pay meticulous attention to our supply chains to ensure that everyone involved in the production of our portable blanket and purse scarf is treated ethically at every step of the way

    EASY CLEAN; Life is full of accidents which is why our compact blanket and neck scarf for women is machine washable; With colorfast dyes that won’t easily fade over time, this hiking blanket and shawl for women is easily cleaned and handcrafted to last a lifetime


    AS VERSATILE AS YOU - While it may seem like simply a scarf for women at first glance, our One Piece, Six Ways flagship item is so much more. This sustainably produced, handcrafted weave can be used as an airplane blanket for travel, a prayer shawl, a womens wrap, a baby blanket or even a bed or sofa throw. With almost limitless options, no matter how you decide to use our shawls and wraps, this timeless classic is sure to fast become your new favorite item.

    TRANSFORMING LIVES - Our soft blankets and throws are ethically handcrafted partnering with locally run, women-led cooperatives. We work with our local partners that produce our scarves for women to help focus on sustainable skill building and job creation to help break poverty cycles in developing economies. If you’re in search of wraps for women that transform people’s lives, Woven Stories is the answer.

    PREMIUM TEXTILES - These womens scarves and travel blankets are handcrafted from various blends of organic bamboo, cotton and mulberry silk. Ideal as shawls and wraps for evening dresses, our high quality weaves are soft to touch and crafted from breathable, natural fibers. What’s more, the One Piece, Six Ways weave is four times more absorbent than cotton, making it an ideal travel towel for people packing light.

    SUSTAINABLE DYES - We use azo free dyes with our travel blanket and scarf for women to ensure that this versatile blanket scarf leaves a lighter footprint on the planet. Better still, our dyes are all natural meaning that production of our shawl wraps for women and compact travel blankets won’t harm waterways and wildlife with excess runoff from the coloring process.

    WE'VE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING - Our scarves and shawls for women leave you wanting nothing. Here’s what makes them special:

    ● Ethically produced

    ● All natural textiles

    ● Sustainable dyes

    ● Empowers developing economies

    ● Hassle free cleaning

    ● Compact and lightweight

From our timeless, handmade pieces to the life-changing opportunities we create,

we are cultivating a movement that is made to last.