This luxurious blend of Bamboo and Silk can be used as a Bath Sheet, Beach Towel, Scarf, Wrap, Throw, Baby Blanket or a Travel Blanket.  These are hand-loomed by marginalized women groups who have overcome extreme circumstances and have been trained under Fashion for Empowerment Project. We're teaching them a trade so that they can become self-sustainable and don't revert to their former circumstances.



  • Dimensions: 
    • Length 67-72 inches
    • Width 36-42 inches
  • 3-4 inch Tassels at the end.
  • Dyed with Azo-free natural dyes.
  • Reversible


Pattern: Solid royal blue stripes through out.

Properties & Benefits:

  • Naturally Softer after every wash
  • Our Bamboo products  are softer than the softest cotton. They have a natural sheen because of silk blend and feel better than Cashmere.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Thermal Regulating as it will keeps you warm in the winter and cool in summers.
  • Absorbs moisture. Bamboo fibers are 4x more absorbent then cotton fibers
  • Anti-bacterial bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent which prevents bacteria from cultivating in it.
  • UV Protection. Bamboo naturally provides added against the sun’s harmful UV Rays.
  • Handloomed
  • Woven with utmost care and attention by using traditional skills and weaving techniques. Product comes with a story card as well as product benefit description.

Royal Blue Striped Bamboo Silk Blend Wrap/Throw/Scarf/Blanket

SKU: ACE08102016ROBL
  • Care:

    • Cold water wash
    • Low heat dry or air dry
    • Wash in mesh bag