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We use fashion as an agent of social change to turn challenges into opportunities.

We support and fund the most life-changing initiatives:

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Vocational Training
of Loans 
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Education for At-Risk
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Employment of 
Marginalized Women
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Market Access & Design Intervention
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Medical Care & 
Therapeutic Support
Business Development & Entrepreneurship  Education
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We are actively re-investing our profits back into the local communities to provide education, employment, and empowerment.

As a social enterprise, we collaborate with independent makers and organizations in developing nations who work with marginalized and at-risk women. Together, we form artisan cooperatives that empower women to become financially-independent entrepreneurs.

We offer hand-crafted textiles and decor made through old-world techniques for timeless quality and to eliminate fast-fashion ideals. The products are crafted by our artisans from organic, naturally-dyed, and chemical-free materials, as we aim to re-introduce a holistic approach to sustainable fashion and lifestyle.

The pieces we design and sell seamlessly fuse the quality and craftsmanship of traditional hand-crafting techniques with modern styles and functionality.

From our studio to women-led cooperatives around the world, we are using fashion and design as tools to create remarkable change.